Guest post by Heather Magee



When in the midst of job hunting, many of us try to maximize our opportunities, applying for any role that seems applicable. Especially if you’re in between jobs, having been laid off, or choosing to leave your previous employer because you were downright miserable. There’s a certain sense of urgency when you’re exploring your next career move and there’s zero income entering your bank account.


The stress associated with unemployment can sometimes lead us down the wrong path. Sure, that path may lead directly to a steady pay cheque, but it won’t always lead you to the right role. Quite often, jumping the gun and snagging the first job offer that comes your way can lead to an unsatisfying on-the-job experience, landing you right back where you started – on the hunt, once again.


So why not approach your job search from a completely different angle? A shift in thinking that enables you to end the cyclical job search and feel truly fulfilled in your career. Wouldn’t it be cool to focus on job leads that align with your core passions and values? I know what you’re thinking, it sounds great on paper but is it really feasible in a competitive job market and you’ve got bills to pay?


So here’s what I suggest…


Draft the job description of your ultimate dream job. List all the tasks and activities you’ve loved in past jobs and all the things you want to learn and areas you’d like to grow in your next role. Don’t chince out on the title, either. Be creative! VP of Employee Awesomeness. Director of Digital Storytelling. Whatever puts a fire in your belly. Then list all the things you want to feel in your new role. Respect. Creative Autonomy. Fun. Really unleash all your hidden desires as they relate to your career.


Next, you’ll want to post your dream job description somewhere highly visible. Whether that’s the mirror in your bathroom, next to your computer screen or plastered onto the front of your fridge. Make this a daily reminder of what you’re really looking for and use this as a benchmark when deciding which roles to pursue.  That way, when it’s time to make your next career move, you’ll be completely clear on the kind of role that’s right for you.



About Heather Magee

Heather Magee is a Vancouver-based PR and social strategist. She’s driven communications strategies for multinational brands and managed the digital dialogue for companies in the hospitality, retail, technology, fashion, design/development and nonprofit sectors. Heather has written for several local and international publications and is a regular contributor to The Province and the Huffington Post. Connect with Heather on LinkedIn.