Winter in the Canadian prairies can be a blizzardy affair! While we love a cozy parka and a matching mitten/toque/scarf set as much as the next person, continental climates pose unique challenges when it comes to job interviews in the snowy months.

Although many interviews are now conducted virtually, there are employers who will still prefer to meet in-person. Here are a few tips to get you through a chilly, snowy season of job hunting!

  1. Give yourself plenty of time for transportation.
    This might seem like a no-brainer, but it is still a common blunder. Our roads are nothing short of treacherous in the winter. Whether you are driving or taking public transportation, give yourself plenty of travel time and check traffic reports frequently.
  2. Snag yourself some hand warmers.
    Avoid surprising your potential employer with an icy handshake! Keep your digits warm with a set of Hot Hands or Grabber Hand Warmers tucked into your gloves while you brave the elements.
  3. Be smart about footwear.
    No job is worth frostbite or a nasty spill on a slippery sidewalk. If you are set on wowing your interviewer with your stylish shoes, then bring them along and change beforehand in your car or in the lobby.
  4. Layers, layers, layers!
    There’s nothing like dressing for -20°C only to enter an office with the heat blasting! Make sure you’re warm en route, but have enough to take off upon arrival so you will be comfortable for your interview.
  5. Talk about the weather.
    While not the most unique form of small talk, it’s something to have in your back pocket if you’re nervous and cannot think of some sparkling pre-interview conversation. Canadians excel at discussing the ins and outs of our unpredictable climate with loved ones and strangers alike!