For many people in Vancouver, a recruiter is the perfect resource to obtain that perfect job at the perfect company. However, not all recruiters are the same and it is not always easy to get noticed by the best ones. In order to find the best recruiters Vancouver has for you, you should consider the following:

Are you making yourself presentable to recruiters?

A recruiter gets paid by his/her employer clients; therefore, it is imperative for them that they send along the best candidates possible. To make certain that you appear to be a top candidate, treat every interaction with a recruiter like a job interview. Doing everything, from wearing appropriate business attire to sending thank you notes, will give the best recruiters Vancouver has every reason to believe that you will approach the job interview with the same professionalism.

Are you being honest?

Even if you exaggerate on your resume, you must be completely honest with the recruiting firms. Although they technically work for the client company, they can still provide confidential advice to candidates. Being honest with your recruiter, in terms of what your background has been, what your strengths and weakness are, and what your career goals are long-term, will increase your chances of finding the perfect job fit for you.

Do the recruiters work with companies in your industry?

Even if you’re dealing with the absolute best recruiters Vancouver has, working with them is a waste of time for all parties involved if they do not work with companies in your industry. This should be one of the first things that you find out when you research a firm.

Are you keeping yourself visible?

Social media, professional associations, industry engagements and individual blogs are all great examples of how to keep yourself visible within your industry. This is important, since a Vancouver recruiter who works in your industry will be using every resource available to find great candidates such as yourself. Also, don’t be shy with your business card. No matter how benign an interaction may seem, be proactive with handing out your contact info.

Are you controlling your online presence?

Although as we stated above, you should make your presence felt online, you should do so in a responsible way. Avoid being overly inflammatory or outright negative about sensitive subjects. Also, make certain that you keep your private life separate from the internet. You and your friends may think that the crazy picture you took while on vacation was funny, but a recruiter who is searching for the best, most professional candidate for a client company’s job opening will not.

Do you know anyone who has worked with a recruiting firm?

A great way to find the best recruiting firm Vancouver has for you is word of mouth. If anybody you know has worked with a Vancouver recruiting firm, he or she can give you direct insight into how great – or awful – the recruiting firm actually is.


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