Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruiting has its costs—every company commits resources to ensure regulations are met, new hires are vetted, and its values are upheld during new-employee onboarding. But for companies that hire numerous seasonal, temporary, or project-specific workers such costs may be inefficient. And this is where Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) comes in.

Why RPO?

You already know that talent is critical to your business’s success—your organization needs skilled people who are able to complete your projects when required. To fill many permanent vacant roles, an in-house Human Resources specialist or a Recruitment Consultant is the smart move to find the right worker. But ask yourself, when recruiting for non-permanent roles, do you really want your internal staff (sometimes your HR team, but often the Operations or Sales Managers) vetting resumes, checking qualifications and performing skill-testing?

For companies that require, say, a dozen skilled and ticketed workers at short notice, it helps to have a pipeline of talent that can be tapped into. And for companies that employ many low-skilled workers, it is inefficient to commit the salaries of HR professionals to a steady stream of reference checks and interviews. Short-term or long-term, such high volume hiring can make costs-per-hire frustratingly high.

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But company culture and operational demands do not have to be sacrificed to improve hiring efficiencies. For years, The Headhunters and TempsAhead have thrived because we do more than our competition to know our clients’ needs. That’s why we consider RPO to be a strategic partnership between your company and ours. And it’s a partnership that works because we bring our efficiency to your needs.

First, The Headhunters and TempsAhead can access an extensive pool of talent in a wide range of commercial, industrial and professional fields. And because we are committed to understanding the workstyles of our talent, we are able to complement your company’s culture quickly. Second, our Recruitment Consultants are perfectly positioned to reduce inefficiencies because our people work together. Each Recruitment Consultant possesses specialized knowledge within their field, enabling us to vet new hires for specific industries in ways that dramatically reduce cost-per-hire. Third, and perhaps best of all, if a business requires a team of skilled people in a niche area, The Headhunters and TempsAhead are experts at uncovering those hard-to-find people.

Do what you do best

Partnering with The Headhunters RPO team allows you to focus on what your company does best. While we do what we do best. Whether we are charged with securing a team of fifty ticketed Oil and Gas workers, or a monthly stream of call-centre CSRs, we tailor our RPO to your company’s needs.

So let your first meeting with our extensively trained Recruitment Consultants be the last time you feel burdened by the demands of high-volume hiring.

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