Canada’s Human Resources Innovators

At The HeadHunters we dedicate ourselves to finding candidates that fit our clients’ culture as well as the job descriptions they are hiring for. While our specialty is recruitment, we are often impressed when other Canadian companies think outside of the box to innovate their HR processes. Inspired by Great Place To Work’s 2015 research, here are some fantastic examples of team building, employee recognition, promotion of company values, and off-boarding at Canadian companies:

DevFacto Technologies

DevFacto Technologies, a software company with offices in Edmonton, Regina and Calgary, has a team-building technique that fits its niche perfectly. DevFacto has channeled its passion for software into a surprising long-distance way to build community between its three offices. On lunch breaks and after work, employees from each office connect for online play through the company’s Xbox consoles. By recognizing shared interests that fit the company’s culture and transcend the geographical barriers, DevFacto Technologies has found a way to encourage team building where other multi-office employers struggle.

Deloitte Canada

At a huge company like Deloitte it would be easy for individual employee recognition to go unrecognized. But the professional services giant has actually leveraged its size to ensure that no top-performing employee misses out on being genuinely recognized throughout the company. By using its public newsfeed to promote its top performers, every employee at Deloitte shares in their peers’ success.

G Adventures

Ensuring that your employees truly understand the essence of your company’s values is often difficult. So any organization whose values aren’t just a decal on the wall, but an ethos in their employees’ hearts, deserves a closer look. G Adventures has built a successful business model that specializes in diverse adventure holidays, assuring its customers that “life-altering experiences come in a variety of flavours.” Each year, G Adventures creates teams of employees and challenges each group to create unique videos that represents one of its values. Sounds adventurous, doesn’t it? That’s right, G Adventures has found a way to emphasize its values while living out its core business. That’s pretty cool.

Intuit Canada

Many employers rightly focus on hiring the right employees. But what about when those right employees leave the company? Retaining talent is as essential as hiring. That’s why Intuit Canada interviewed four exceptional workers who were in the process of leaving the company. As a panel interviewed these soon-to-be-former employees, the session was broadcast company-wide. In this way, everyone at Intuit became informed about what might help to retain talent in the future.

These are just a few examples of companies that strive to innovate its HR functions. Might such out-of-the-box thinking fit your company’s culture?