Generation X is an age group we don’t hear much about anymore, but in the pre-Millennial world, Gen X was all the rage. You were either Gen X or you were just like everyone else. Now that the Boomers are heading off into retirement, Gen X managers are quietly taking over their ranks. But what are Gen X managers? What sets them apart from…anyone else? Here are some of the characteristics of Gen X managers which are somewhat distinct from their prior or subsequent contemporaries.

A Drive for Success

A common trait shared amongst Gen X managers is their desire to achieve success, especially financial success. Having grown up witnessing the financial hardships of their parents, and enduring their own of late, many Gen Xers are extremely resourceful and are driven to achieve financially.

A Preference for Informality

Gen X managers and employees alike tend to prefer more informal working relationships in which they can communicate freely with their superiors as well as the people they manage. Gen X-ers have questioned authority throughout history, and this is no different in the business environment. As a result, they may work best in a company that has a flat organizational structure.

They Enjoy a Work/Life Balance

Giving 100% of their lives to their career is not necessarily something Generation X is interested in. Making time for family is extremely important, whereas this was not always a priority for earlier generations. Gen X is willing to work hard when they are at work, but do want to enjoy life in the evenings and on weekends. Flexible working hours are often seen as a benefit by Gen X managers so they can make the most of their time outside the office.

They are Independent

Generation X, as a whole, is very individualistic and independent. They are prepared to take opportunities to better their career and their lifestyle. As a result, they may become restless if they don’t feel they are growing or advancing in their current position.

Of course, some Gen X managers may not display any of these characteristics, and may have a management style all their own. But if you are considering hiring a Gen X manager to lead your employees, don’t be surprised to come across a few of the qualities listed above.