Guest post by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac

Sometimes exiting a conversation at a network event can feel awkward. So how do you do this gracefully?


We tell people that exiting a conversation is one of the harder things to do when circulating in ‘the pond’. It requires a little bit of tough love.


Find a moment in the conversation when you can change the subject. Let the other person know that you are going to move on. It’s important to wrap up the conversation nicely, “Natalie, I’m so glad I’ve learned more about your company. You’ve done some impressive things. You’ve really got a handle on social media. Thanks for your insight. It was great talking to you.” Shaking hands is a nice way of signing off.


Of course, none of this exit dialogue will work if you haven’t been interested in Natalie, or if you’ve been scanning the room, planning your escape, while talking to her.


Easier Approach: Rather than breaking off and leaving Natalie standing alone, suggest this, “Let’s go meet some other people.”


Next Level Approach: If you see Natalie later in the event, and you think you’d like to introduce her to someone you know, be the Connector.


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Gayle is Chief Engagement Officer at Shepa Learning Company and co-author of Work the Pond! With her co-author Judy Thomson, they have been teaching the skills of networking, team building through communication and social intelligence for over a decade and their clients include corporations, business associations, financial institutions, professional services firms, and university students.