Manager overwhelmed with many hands holding tasksneeding her attention

It’s no secret that business gets busy during the holiday season, and that year end can be a stressful time! Temporary staffing is a great option when your team needs a little extra support for certain pockets of the year.

1) Free up your permanent staff to focus on core business activities
A temporary staff member will alleviate the workload from teams like accounting and operations, allowing them to continue managing and growing your business. A fresh face will come in energized and ready to tackle tasks, able to hit the ground running and relieve stress from the group.

2) Keep your costs down by staffing-up only when business warrants it
Business can be very cyclical, and no one wants to hire a permanent staff member who will run out of work to do when the bustle dies down. Bring staff in when you need it, without committing to a full-time position. If that individual works out, you can consider bringing them in again for other busy times.

3) Bring in a specialist
The need for various business functions can fluctuate throughout the year. Hire someone who specializes in whatever it is you need at the moment: an accounts payable clerk to wrap up your year, a receptionist to help field extra call volume during the holiday season, etc.

4) Test the waters
While temporary staff are hired with a specific end date planned, you get the opportunity to assess the need for a permanent head count increase while evaluating the contract employee for potential permanent employment. You may discover a hidden gem who fits so well with your organization that they’re at the top of your future hiring list!

5) Skip the hassle by using a recruiter
When you’re already in a busy season, finding a new hire might seem like a daunting task; one that will just put more work on your plate. But using a recruitment firm will help you find a great candidate quickly and ensure they are pre-vetted for skill and professionalism. The firm will take care of pre-screening, arranging interviews, timesheets and payroll, so you are free to keep on with your work!