Contract workers can be a useful and essential part of businesses. In every trade and profession there are certain needs that must be met but at the same time don’t require the hiring of a new permanent employee. Contract workers not only allow these needed tasks to be completed but also bring unique areas of expertise and experience no one in your company may have. However, when hiring contract workers you want to be sure you’re getting the right person for the job. Below is a brief explanation of the qualities  you should look for when hiring contract workers. Also, if you yourself are a contract worker you should be sure to highlight these skills and qualities when seeking contract employment to aid in your success.


1. Up-to-Date Qualifications and Experience

Contract workers are often hired because they bring a unique skill set to a company. These skills may only be needed for one project, hence why the employee is only contracted for a certain period of time or project length. Often when people think of contractors they think of home repair, HVAC, or other trade skills. But there are other skill sets that require specific licenses, training and certification. This can be in certain computer skills, software programs or highly specialized job experience such as specialized technical writing.

When hiring, always verify any licenses or certifications contract workers have listed and probe to ensure they are current. This also goes for specialized educational training or job experience. Even something as simple as Microsoft Word can cause issue if the contractor is proficient with a version that’s different to the one your company uses.

For those seeking contract work always show your skills and experience. Any professional certifications you have keep them current and list them on your resume. That also goes for any job experience in fields that would be considered specialized or where the employee pool is small.


2. Initiative and Self-Motivation

When looking for a contract worker it pays to hire someone who takes initiative. Not all contract jobs require specialized traits like those mentioned above. Some are just assignments that a company needs done once or for only a brief window. Oftentimes, a temporary worker is brought in to replace someone at short notice with little training, and others in the company don’t know the full day-to-day duties that role involves. Having a contract worker who is self-motivated and requires little training or supervision will provide a smoother transition. A driven worker approaches even a brief job as one where they can gain experience and grow as an employee.

When seeking contract work, don’t treat it as a boring stop gap job. Approach it with a chance to gain something valuable and gain experience that you can carry forward.


3. Good Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with others is key with contract workers. When entering a large company, hired contract workers don’t have the time to slowly integrate themselves into corporate culture. It requires a certain type of approachable person who is willing to take the initiative to involve themselves instead of waiting for others to come to them. This allows them to hit the ground running and quickly start on duties in an efficient manner.


4. Adaptability

A varied resume can be a good thing. While specialized skills can be in high demand, don’t forget adaptability is also its own skill. If you’re hiring contract workers and see someone who’s been successful in many different industries you know they have something to offer. This type of background can show a continued growth pattern in their work history. This also applies if you’re looking for work as well. A varied work history can be used to sell your ability to pick up new skills, your versatility, and the ability to react to the new challenges many workplaces face.