Choosing a recruiting agency for your company can be a tough decision. The talent hired through an agency directly impacts the future success of your team. Here are some things to keep top-of-mind when it comes time to choosing a recruitment partner:


It’s hard to put your trust in an agency without a proven track record. When it comes time to select a recruiting agency, you want to go with the company that understands what you’re looking for. Do they have experience not only in the type of positions you’re recruiting for but also your industry?

Top Talent

When you select an agency,you want to know you’re getting the top person for the job. What sourcing and vetting process is involved? When a candidate comes through The Headhunters, you can be sure that they have been rigorously qualified. Our candidates have already been pre-screened, interviewed, referenced and tested before we present them to a client.

Our recruitment consultants are specialized in one area of business only. This allows them to be experts on that part of the marketplace—which means they know what it takes to succeed, and what qualities the right candidate will have.

Full Service

Having different recruiting agencies to do different things is a hassle. Having an agency that is a one-stop-shop for all your needs is more convenient and more cost-effective. Does the agency provide both permanent and temporary staffing for major areas such as sales and marketing, administration, accounting, engineering, operations, human resources and more.

Size and Reach

How large is the agency? Which areas do they service? If your business operates in other locations, the closer the agency is to those areas, the more likely it is they’ll have the right candidate pool. And you want a company that is large enough to be able to meet your needs, but that still treats you as a client and not a number.

Reputation and References

What reputation does that agency have in the marketplace? Do you know anyone who has worked with them previously? Ask the agency for references; most reputable recruitment firms will be willing to provide you with a few references for you to check.


Many factors come into play when choosing a headhunting agency comes up. Make sure you weigh out your options, and ask a lot of questions. The right agency will always welcome inquiries and feedback from their clients—both current and prospective.


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