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When you start a new job search, it is important to keep track of the jobs you are applying for. Tracking the status of each application ensures you know when and how you applied, when to follow up, and helps you prepare for interviews if and when the time comes.

A job tracker is a useful tool that helps keep you organized and on top of things at every step of your search, from preparing your applications to preparing for your interviews, and everything in between.

Whether you prefer to use a spreadsheet such as our Job Application Tracker Template, or a project/task management tool, or a handwritten version, you should keep track of the following details:

  • Name of the company
  • Name of the hiring manager/recruiter
  • Contact information
  • Job title
  • Salary/wage (if disclosed)
  • Link to the original job posting
  • Copy of the job posting – Even if you have the link to the posting, is often helpful to also copy it into a separate document. It is handy to have it to refer back to if you get an interview, and sometimes by that point the original posting has been taken down.
  • Date you applied for the position
  • Materials submitted for the application (resume, cover letter, references, portfolios, etc.)
  • Location of the workplace
  • Whether the position is in-person, remote or hybrid (if stated in the posting)
  • Closing date / deadline
  • Whether or not you have been contacted for any follow-up, or are still waiting on updates from recruiters or hiring managers
  • Any other materials required (references, portfolios, background checks, etc.)
  • Interview dates
  • Offers received

Ready to start tracking? Check out our Job Application Tracker Template »

Note: To use this Google Sheet, you do not need to request editing access, you can simply go to File » Make a Copy and save a copy to your own Google Drive, which you will then have the ability to edit/change as much as you wish!

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