How To Make Your Cover Letters More Effective

At The Headhunters, we deal with resumes a lot, and we spend a lot of time discussing how to make them most effective. As you would expect, our Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg offices regularly handle cover letters too. And, at times, it is the personal touch of a cover letter that really impresses the team. Here are some of the cover letter tactics that have impressed us over the years.

Be original

While accentuating your resume for each position you apply to is recommended, it is generally understood that it is a fact-based document that objectively reviews your experience and achievements. On the other hand, a cover letter shows the company to which you are applying why you are subjectively suited to this job. Think of it as a written interview and confidently show how you are the right fit for the role. You may find it helpful to imagine that somebody else has almost identical experience to yours—your cover letter should distinguish you from the professional peers.

Know the field, the company

Are you applying to a job that where the job ad seemed a little stiff? Does the website emphasize the firm’s impeccable professionalism? If the answer is yes, use these insights to shape the tone of your cover letter. Some organizations appreciate perfect grammar, punctuation and style. On the other hand, a company that writes an ad with an element of humour in it has done this for a reason. Most likely, they are looking to meet people who will enjoy a more happy-go-lucky corporate culture. If you are keen to contribute to a company’s culture, a cover letter is a great way to show that you will fit in.

Do a little investigating

If the job ad does not include the name of the hiring manager or recruiter who posted the job, why not figure it out? Investigate the company’s website or job portal. Or you might even call the company’s receptionist to ask who your cover letter should be addressed to. Efforts like these are a nice touch that may single you out as a real go-getter in a competitive field.

Be yourself

A cover letter complements the experience and training that you have demonstrated in your resume. Make sure that it does justice to your personality and unique suitability to the job.

Want more information? 

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