Undoubtedly, social media has become one of the most fascinating phenomena of the century. Social media has touched practically all facets of life from marketing down to employment. According to a 2013 Jobville Social Recruiting survey, an astounding 94% of recruiters already use or plan to use social media in their marketing efforts. Even more impressive, 78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media.


Since not all social media outlets are created equally, the undisputed champion of social recruiting is LinkedIn. As the only social platform designed specifically for recruitment, LinkedIn connects a global pool of talent with more than 277 million members world wide. In any case, the following tips can be used with any social media outlet to bolster your social recruiting.

Import Your Existing Contacts

Since all of the big three social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn encourage you to import your contacts, you should take advantage of this social tool. Once you do so, finding the people you already know on the social outlet will be much easier. Importing your existing contacts will help you build your foundation, which will fuel your social recruiting campaign. As a result, your contacts can easily guide you toward the people who you would like to establish rapport with and eventually hire.

Use Your Social Media Stars

When you look at your current employees, there will be those who are social media stars who are well connected on several different platforms. Use these employees to be advocates for your company, and you’ll easily attract the best potential job candidates. However, you shouldn’t just ask your employees to connect you with everyone on their contact list. The best practice is to learn how your social media stars interact on social media. Then, you can mirror their participation use their techniques for your own approach.

Employee Promotion

Since most of your employees are probably already active on social media outlets, they can effectively help you bolster your own recruiting efforts. If you are confident you have established a great company culture that employees are proud of, then it shouldn’t be a problem for your employees to promote your company. However, if you feel that a mutual trust has been established, don’t ask your employees to blast to their networks.

Professionally Brand and Monitor Public Profile

Your social profiles should not be considered a menial task given to an intern or someone new to the company. As an integral aspect of the company’s social media brand, the company profile represents the organization’s successes and values. In all your social profiles, you should make sure you offer all of yourcontact information and consistent branding. In addition, you should feature a professionally written profile with key differentiators and benefits. Social recruiting is greatly simplified when you make it easier for your candidates to find you and apply directly. Social media is a two-way street and once your open those gates of communication you must set up efficient processes to make sure you respond to any incoming contact quickly and appropriately.

Sharing is Caring

Even in social recruiting, the best approach is to sare helpful content. When you focus on helping people with your content, your content will be shared much more. As a result, you will increase your visibility and effectively build your network. If you can’t create unique original content, you can simply share helpful articles and videos relevant to your industry. Eventually, you will begin to attract a qualified and valuable audience.

Focus on One Outlet

For successful social recruiting, it’s best to build a strong brand presence on one social media outlet at a time. If you take on too much, you will be overwhelmed. As a result, all of your social media profiles can suffer, which can lead to failed campaigns on multiple social media platforms.


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