How To Have A Big-Hearted Christmas In A Midsize Business

The backbone of Canada’s economy is made up of small and medium-sized businesses, employing ninety percent of private sector workers, and producing the majority of our nation’s GDP. No doubt, the owners of small and-medium sized businesses value their employees. But the fact remains, corporate giants and large public sector employers are better equipped to provide industrial-scale benefits and perks. Nevertheless, dozens of companies celebrated in Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for 2015 demonstrate how small-sized companies can show big-hearted appreciation for their employees. With Christmas coming, perhaps your organization can find some inspiration…

Ask A Committee Do The Work For You

With this approach, the management team sets a budget for the company’s Christmas perks. Next, the staff votes for a committee who decides how to spend the money. In Winnipeg, Think Shift Advertising took this approach and the company’s employee satisfaction is consistently high. By empowering employees to choose how they would like to celebrate Christmas, staff members feel heard and the budget is spent prudently by a committee that wants to get the most out of it.

A Celebration Isn’t Always A Party

For staff that aren’t the type to socialize in a party atmosphere, maybe a more pragmatic approach to Christmas would be best. Artis Real Estate Investment Trust (also in Winnipeg) is an innovator when it comes to professional accreditation and in-house training programs. Artis is a fine example of what happens when a company asks its employees how they would like to develop professionally and then makes it happen! In career-centred organizations, a yuletide professional development initiative not only celebrates a successful 2015, it also looks forward to an ambitious 2016.

Facilitate Paid Volunteering Days

This type of perk is becoming more common for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. Fusion Project Management (Vancouver), North Strategic (Toronto), Progressive Home Warranty Solutions (Surrey, B.C.) Reid’s Heritage Group (Cambridge, Ontario) and the Rohit Group (Edmonton) were all named among Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers. And all paid their employees while they volunteered at eligible organizations during work hours.

One-Off Perks Outside Canada

The Huffington Post UK recently named a number of companies from across the pond who have implemented novel ways to keep their employees satisfied. How about hiring a masseuse to come onsite for your employees’ benefit this Christmas? Is your company ready for some new artwork? Why not challenge your employees to choose the new pieces? Often it’s the novelty of the perk that makes it feel special. So think outside of the box this Christmas – your employees may be pleasantly surprised!