Danielle Bragge speaking at fundraising event

A message from The Headhunters President, Cam Macmillan:

I’m so proud of my business partner, Danielle Bragge, that I wanted to share the news about the incredible work she is doing in Nicaragua. Currently Danielle is leading a group of fifteen ladies to work with an orphanage in one of the poorest places within the country.

Danielle and her team have been frantically fundraising money over the last couple of months. Every dollar raised has gone directly to the orphanage and all personal expenses have been paid for by the ladies out of their own pockets.

This is the start of something very exciting for Danielle. We are so proud of the work she is doing. Another trip will be going down in late February 2016 to support the orphanage and to build more houses. Any support is incredibly appreciated.