A job seeker asked us:

How do I know I’m ‘top of mind’ with a recruiter? Sometimes I’ll see jobs posted that I am qualified for but won’t receive a call or email saying I’m being put forward. 

When you’re working with a recruiter, one of the most important things we like to remind job seekers about is that this is your job search and you shouldn’t relinquish control of that. Most recruiters receive over 100 applications for every job they work on – and they have numerous jobs! Unfortunately, due to sheer volume, it means we can only place about one in every eight candidates we actually meet with. Recruiters are just one of many tools you should be using in your job search and you shouldn’t expect to passively sit by and wait for the phone to ring.

Remember, this is your job search – OWN IT.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, here are some helpful ways you can stay on your recruiter’s radar after you’ve met with them.

1. Ask for next steps in the process 

Hiring processes often take much longer than job seeker’s realize and it differs for every job. Get a feel for how many steps there are and how long the process might take so you know when to follow up.

2. Follow up with a thank you card

This is a small and easy way to make an impression. Just like any other job, we like to hear that you found time spent with us valuable. (Hand written notes are a nice touch for both recruiters and employers)

3. Call on a bi-weekly basis

Or ask your recruiter when would be an appropriate timeframe to check in. Remember there’s a fine line between checking in and pestering.

4. Ask for feedback on your interview and/or resume

Even though we can’t place everyone, all our consultants will try to give you feedback to help you in your job search. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or for more clarity if you need it.

5. If you see a suitable job, call

If you see a job that you’re interested in, call us and instantly put yourself ‘top of mind’. Remember that we deal with hundreds of people so you many need to give us a nudge and explain why this job would be a perfect fit for you. A phone call will also give you the quick acknowledgement you need rather than sending an email.

6. Be polite

Recruiters receive between 10-30 calls a day from job seekers, so please be polite and we’ll do our best to help you.