Hopeful woman with fingers crossed

How much of landing the perfect job do you think is luck, and how much is hard work? The truth is there’s no magic ratio, but what you can do is learn strategies to help shape your luck and increase your chances of finding your dream role:

  1. Network, network, network! Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for work and increase your chances of being connected to something great! Join a group, association or volunteer committee. Get out there! Get on LinkedIn. Update your Facebook status. Tweet your heart out.
  2. Have your resume updated and ready to go. Don’t get caught saying, “I’ll get back to you”—instead, be prepared to say, “I’m sending it right now!”
  3. Practice your elevator pitch in the mirror and with friends you trust. Be ready to deliver it at any moment!
  4. Follow up on your applications. Call to see if anything has changed. Get off email and pick up the phone—you’ll stand out from the crowd and make a great impression.
  5. Know your value. What makes you special? What measurable achievements back this up? What are you worth? Practice articulating this to prospective employers.