Your career page is the first touch point into your organization for most potential job seekers. As the competition for top talent heats up, companies are investing more and more into making their career pages as inviting as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the key components of a great career page and some real companies who are doing it well.



On the web, aesthetics count. Your career page should attractively compliment your main branding. Everything from the fonts, to the colours, images and layout should be welcoming to potential new hires. Lululemon is an extremely strong retail brand that focuses on lifestyle rather than yoga pants. This translates well into their career page with the use of photography and soft colours.



We’ve said it a million times before – “people like to work with people they like”. Your career page should show your personality as a company. There’s no need for overcomplicated jargon, speak the language that appeals most to your target employee market. Kickstarter does a great job of understanding what appeals most to their employees and laying it out in fun, engaging language. The crowdsourcing platform funds lots of creative and interesting projects, boasting on their career page “You’ll be part of some of the most amazing things happening anywhere.” Now who wouldn’t want to work there?



When it comes to communicating your company culture online: show don’t tell works best. Real footage and photos of your actual employees and workplace will be far more impactful than words on the page. Airbnb uses video in a few places to show their fun and quirky culture; even a spoof video of Mad Men. There are the more common images of cool perks like yoga classes and healthy snacks, but they also show off some happy snaps of employees overseas, enjoying their $2,000 travel allowance.



Try to avoid stock images on your career page if you can. But it’s not just about the photos you use, real employee stories about what they do and why they love working for you are compelling testimonials. PwC have a fantastic “Our People” section. Each employee profile includes a short bio, a timeline of their career growth within PwC and a Q&A section about life and development with the company. With career progression being a huge factor for most top performing job seekers, PwC’s employee growth timelines are a great hook.



Don’t ignore your candidate application experience. It should be easy to find and simple to navigate. Pepsico’s career site has their job search tool placed centrally on the page and is easy to locate in the navigation bar. You can also submit a resume without applying for a particular job – don’t miss out on Aces just because they don’t see a job interests them.