Did you know that 93% of our communication is non-verbal? This means that when you’re in an interview, those prepared answers you have in your head are only 7% of the equation. This video from behavioural investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards, shares some great do’s and don’ts of non-verbal communication to ace your next job interview.


  • Only carry one bag. Too much stuff – handbag, briefcase, heavy coat – signals that you are disorganized
  • Take care of the back of your shoes
  • Smile only when it’s appropriate – too much smiling can make you seem less intelligent or insincere
  • Sit at a slight angle to your interviewer to signal you’re “on the same side”
  • Switch on your non-verbal cues from the parking lot – you never know who you’ll meet along the way and when you’re being be assessed
  • Use power body language to boost your confidence, view Amy Cuddy’s TED talk for more.