As an HR professional, 2015 is going to be a continually evolving landscape. To help you succeed in the year ahead, CareerBuilder have released their 9 Resolutions for 9 of 2015’s Biggest Workplace Trends (full report below).

Among the top trends, technology and employer brand feature heavily in the changing landscape. Below is a quick snapshot at the 9 hot trends for 2015 and the resolutions to help you stay ahead of the curve –

TREND #1: The War for Talent is raging.

Resolution: Show the skills gap who’s boss by building a stronger employment brand, paying employees a fair wage, creating training and promotion opportunities and investing in job skills.

TREND #2: Demographic shifts are creating a diverse, multigenerational workforce.

Resolution: Find out what makes your workers tick – from the silent generation to the social natives.

TREND # 3: Building a talent pipeline that “re-recruits” talent workers is essential.

Resolution: Capture more candidates and reduce drop-off by continually engaging your potential talent.

TREND #4: Smile, you’re on camera: Video and social is all around you.

Resolution: Amp up your employment brand.

TREND #5: Smartphones are everywhere – and candidates expect a mobile-friendly experience.

Resolution: Create and execute a mobile recruitment strategy.

TREND # 6: E-learning management systems and internal training and reskilling initiatives are on the rise.

Resolution: Invest in your employees – because they’re worth it.

TREND #7: Employers are experiencing a new human capital issue: The overwhelmed employee.

Resolution: Find a way to help employees manage technology while managing your own expectations.

TREND # 8: Data is integrating and simplifying to make both employers’ and employees’ lives easier.

Resolution: move to one integrated tool that connects your talent, HR and business technologies.

TREND #9: More HR professionals are using workforce data to drive vital recruitment and business decisions.

Resolution: Learn how to use data to solve real problems, for real people.


9 Resolutions for 9 of 2015’s Biggest Workplace Trends from CareerBuilder for Employers