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Struggling to attract top talent? In our increasingly visual society, recruitment videos are a great tool to showcase your employer brand and company culture. According to research by HubSpot, video marketing can increase conversion rates by over 80%, and data from CareerBuilder showed that job postings with an icon to watch a recruitment video were viewed 12% more than postings without video and, on average, receive a 34% greater application rate.

We’ve collected nine examples of awesome employer branding and recruitment videos to inspire you. Some are recent videos, while others are a bit older but we feel still stand the test of time!


Well, almost nobody will be surprised to see Apple on this list. Although a little long, the first minute and a half of this video is fantastic. They hone in on a very simple but impactful message: Apple demands the best. No distractions about free food or fun games, that first 1:30 is all about Apple employees and their constant pursuit of perfection.


HubSpot does a great job of showcasing their extremely open culture and highlights the voices of their staff in this relatively small tech company. They make a great case for the value of joining a small company, showing that while they may not have the glitz and glamour of a larger tech firm, employees are able to “own the spaces they are working in.”


This video focuses on early career Starbucks ‘partners.’ Starbucks clearly understands what attracts early career candidates and makes a point of showcasing the learning opportunities, career advancement, community engagement, and fun culture you can expect at Starbucks. They also really drive home the fact that working with Starbucks gives people the opportunity to “be a part of something bigger.”


Barclays stands out from the stuffy banking crowd by using humour in their recruitment video. Rather than talking about prestige or career advancement, they spend their big budget on having a bit of fun and gently ribbing the competition. This video doesn’t give you much insight into what working for Barclays is like day-to-day, but that’s not the point. It’s the teaser trailer that piques your interest and has you reaching for that extra click to find out more.


WeWork shows that above revenue, status, or innovation, sometimes a company’s most important value is its capacity for empathy. This video highlights WeWork’s refugee hiring initiative, which pledges to employ 1,500 refugees within 5 years. In an emotion-inducing video, WeWork showcases their commitment to providing their employees with professional and educational opportunities that can help them make a difference to not only their lives, but the world.


In the saturated and diverse world of digital marketing, it can be hard for companies to stand out. In this video, Bluecore shows exactly how they manage to do so. Through showcasing their “internal impact series” Bluecore demonstrates the value they place in their employees, who are given the opportunity to truly make a difference from Day 1.

The Home Depot

If you’ve got a great brand, leverage it! The Home Depot relies heavily on its reputation for exceptional customer service to appeal to Retail Managers in this video. Positioning themselves as a values-based company, they come across more like a family-run business, rather than the huge enterprise it is.


Another unsurprising addition to this list is Google. Long considered a top employer globally, Google is renowned for the many employee perks available at its campus. This video shows that the employee experience extends far beyond this. The opportunities to be challenged and to produce work that impacts millions (if not billions) of people are endless, a message that draws in top innovators.


To round out the list, we just had to include Fiverr’s tongue-in-cheek video, poking fun at the stereotypical corporate recruitment video.


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