Outsourcing temporary hiring gives you access to the best candidates, plain and simple. Often businesses find and hire the “right” candidates only to discover quickly they weren’t right for the company. This costs your company temporary hiring time and money. Outsourcing temporary hiring staff allows you to hire the right candidate at a reduced cost. It also happens to bring many other benefits – here are the other five lesser-known reasons why you should outsource temporary hiring:

1. A Leveled Playing Field

Large Canadian corporations have an upper hand over small to mid-sized businesses. They often have the capital to hire in-house recruiters for temporary hiring. This is something that smaller companies can’t do because of their size or budget. Outsourcing temporary hiring gives your company a leveled playing field to finding the best talent for the position. When hiring an agency, you have the same recruiting power a large corporation has.

2. Speeds up the Process

You need temporary help now and not in the distant future. Finding a temporary hire can take up to four months. This is four months from when you write a job description to when the new hire starts at your company. During this time work is piling up or getting transferred to other permanent employees. Temporary agencies have a constant roster of temporary employees, cutting down your search to a matter of days, even just a couple of hours most times. Time is an important asset to any business, large or small, and filling a temporary position often falls down the list of priorities. Thus, temporary hiring ends up getting lost in the goal of making a profit and hiring permanent employees.

3. Keeps Your Company Moving and Contributes to Growth

The next reason expounds on the process to speed up the need to fill temporary gaps. The number of employees directly impacts the success, or growth, of your company. When one employee leaves, or your company needs more employees – it really shows. Work and productivity suffer. Employees become stressed because they are doing more work for the same pay. The negative effects are endless. Using temporary hiring allows you to fill in the gaps quickly. You find the right employees, work runs smoothly and your company keeps experiencing growth.

4. Flexibility

Outsourcing temporary hiring gives you the flexibility to reduce or increase the number of workers you need at any given time with little administrative impact on your end. Hiring through an agency means temporary workers are employees of the agency and the agency handles all the insurance, benefits and payroll related to that worker. In the event that you need 20 workers within two weeks it is far easier to fulfil that need externally rather than internally, and the chances of achieving those demands are much higher through an agency.

5. Saves You Time and Money on Training

Training employees to do the work you need done costs money and time. If you need someone to cover a day or two of work, you can’t afford to spend the day training the person to do the job you’re paying them for. When you outsource temporary hiring, you don’t need to worry about training. The temporary employees already have the needed training necessary for the job. The agency has already screened (and often tested) the workers to make sure they have the skills and training they need to do the tasks at hand.

To grow your business and compete with other companies in Canada, you need the best workforce. That is why outsourcing temporary hiring is a smart business strategy