Searching for a job is tough. Navigating the highly competitive market, staying current and keeping positive throughout the process can be overwhelming. As Recruitment Consultants, we are here to help you on your journey by sharing knowledge and advice. We read a lot of industry blogs and news articles to ensure we remain at the forefront of what is happening in hiring.  Here are five of our favourite articles that we read recently and thought were worth sharing with you:

1. Why keywords are so important in a resume: Busy hiring managers are often quickly scanning resumes in an effort to screen out candidates. Keywords are a simple but effective strategy for getting you in the ‘yes’ pile. CareerBuilder explains why you should make sure your CV is optimized and not missed. Learn more >


2. Didn’t get the Job? Here’s what you need to do: Getting rejected is tough, there’s no doubt about it. That said, not all is lost. It can be an opportunity for you to develop a relationship and open doors to future positions at a company. Careerealism offers some great advice on how to move forward. Learn more >


3. Here’s why your job search shouldn’t be a rush to the finish line: Candidates often come to us eager to make a change and anxious about the time it will take to find the right role. This article from Glassdoor outlines why you should take your time and make sure you are ready. Learn more >


4. What questions should you actually ask your interviewer? Coming prepared with questions for your interviewer is a great way to set yourself apart and demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the job. Undercover Recruiter shares a variety of questions that will not only help you decide if the opportunity is for you, but also impress the hiring manager. Learn more >


5. Five things that will instantly make you more employable: Not working at the moment? It is important that you keep your skills current and that you stay active in your community. Careerealism suggests some methods that you can leverage to keep learning, gain experience and develop your personal brand. Learn more >


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