Getting a temporary or contract position can be a great way to get yourself some experience in the workplace. But when your contract is coming to a close, it often leaves people in the same boat as they previously were. So how can you capitalize on contract positions and gain permanent employment? Here are a few tips.

Make the most of every day

Use your position as a learning experience. Whether you’re an intern or on a contract, use your time to learn things about your position and the industry, so that when you leave you have gained the most experience possible. Don’t be afraid to take on new tasks and try new approaches because the more you learn, the better your experience will be. Showing a clear interest in developing your career in their industry will make you stand out more than “just another temp”.

Don’t be afraid to ask

As your contract comes to a close, don’t be afraid or intimidated to ask about an extension or the possibility of a permanent role. The worst they can do is turn you down. By showing your interest in the company, you’re giving yourself an edge. Even if a position isn’t open that’s directly related to your contract role, there’s always the possibility of a role in another department, or they may even create a role in order to keep you on board.

If you don’t get a position

If for any reason you don’t get a permanent role with the company, remember to take it in stride. Take the time to thank your coworkers for the learning experience they’ve provided you and time they have spent on your development. You never know when a future role within the company will be posted, and your experience with the company could help your chances of earning the role.

Another thing to do when you leave a temporary or contract job, is to ask for a letter of reference. A reference letter coming from your superior can go a long way when you go to apply for positons with other companies, even if they are in a different field. Be sure to ask for the letter in writing, and from someone who you worked with directly. In addition, it’s also a good idea to also ask if you can provide their contact information for formal reference checks should you have any in the future, waiting until the last minute—or years later—is not ideal, and can leave others with a bad impression of your work ethic.

Keep in touch

Keeping in touch with your contract employer is always a good idea. Whether on a personal or professional level, keeping in touch can make sure that you’re kept in mind when it comes to employment opportunities.

LinkedIn is a great way to ensure you keep up to date with former coworkers. LinkedIn can keep you updated with any promotions they receive, work related achievements, anniversaries and more. LinkedIn can also be a tool that employers will use to get the word out about jobs and employment opportunies.

To learn more about the benefit of contract positions, visit the job seekers section of the TempsAhead website. You can also search through the current temporary positions we have posted—all from reputable employers!