Following on from our recent post about the power of recognition we wanted to further inspire you to say thanks to your team. Here’s our pick of 25 personal and budget friendly ways you can show your colleagues your appreciation:

1. Just say “thank you!” – words are incredibly powerful.
2. Hand write a short thank you and leave it on their desk.
3. Recognize their contribution in the internal company newsletter or blog.
4. Invite them to a one-on-one lunch.
5. Send them a bunch of flowers, a basket of fruit or cookies.
6. Offer them the company car spot for the month.
7. Give them an early mark on a Friday.
8. Pre-buy them a week of coffee from their favourite café.
9. Get them a plant for their desk.
10. Arrange to have their car washed.
11. Buy them a yearly subscription to a magazine of their interest.
12. Stock the office kitchen, including some wine & beer for a Friday afternoon treat.
13. Schedule for their house to be cleaned.
14. Offer them your time to coach and mentor them or provide training on a specific area they want to improve.
15. Purchase their monthly transit pass for them.
16. Give them a set of movie tickets and a free pass to watch it during the work day.
17. Play music in the office and let the person you are recognizing choose the tunes for the day.
18. Let them bring their dog to the office for the day.
19. Host a company BBQ in the summer.
20. Buy them lottery tickets – you never know, it might be a winner!
21. If they have a charity close to their heart make a donation on their behalf.
22. Social media recognition – post on your company pages a pic and story of your star employee.
23. Send a thank you card to the entire family if the employee is often away travelling, working weekends and so on.
24. Have a monthly team award for living the company values with nominations submitted by fellow employees.
25. Bonus them with a day off after reaching a target.

As you can see there are lots of ways to recognize your team without needing a big budget.
We’d love to hear from you how you show your employees your appreciation. Please leave a comment below if you have an idea to share.