You either love it, or you hate it and will avoid it like the plague. Negotiating job offers with potential new hires can be tricky, especially in our competitive Canadian marketplace.


A recent survey found that 20% of Canadian executives have seen an increase in the number of counter offers their company has made in just the last six months. With the competition for talent heating up, and more counter offers being thrown at your candidates, the need for delicate negotiations is paramount.


Here are 11 reasons why you should leave the job offer negotiations to a recruiter:

  1. Recruiters negotiate for a living. We negotiate on a regular basis, and negotiate job offers routinely.
  2. Recruiters understand and know the candidates in much more depth than a hiring manager does. Protected by a professional level of confidentiality, candidates often share more about their goals with their recruiters than with hiring managers. We have had the opportunity to build rapport on both sides, and truly understand what both parties are seeking.
  3. We understand the marketplace intimately and will provide honest insights and expertise to you as a client on how your offer compares to current market trends.
  4. Recruiters are then able to provide those insights to the candidate as well. We can address any candidate concerns or misconceptions by providing perspective on the current market trends.
  5. Recruiters can provide insights into the “hot buttons” of both parties involved.  Or provide a priorities value – for example, opportunity to grow is more important than base salary.
  6. Candidates are reluctant to negotiate with their future boss, eager to make a good impression, perhaps accepting an unsatisfactory offer. This ultimately leads to quicker dissatisfaction from a candidate perspective.
  7. A candidate reluctant to negotiate with their future boss is more susceptible to a counter offer by their current employer.
  8. Even in the offer/negotiation phase, candidates are still evaluating your culture and environment. By acting as the conduit during negotiations, we remove any direct awkward contact that could sour the candidate/employer relationship.
  9. A negotiation done well takes hours of investment from a recruiter with our client and our candidate, and it started way back at the beginning of the hiring process! Trying to rush the process in a 5 or even 10 minute conversation and offer letter sent in an e-mail will result in sub-par satisfaction.
  10. Conversely spending the due time is costly, and left to a less experienced professional can be even more costly, as you’ve lost the time (hours) and perhaps a great candidate as well, taking you back to the drawing board.
  11. As a client, that’s what you are paying a recruiter to do, get your money’s worth!

Trust your recruiter to sail you and the candidate smoothly through negotiations and straight towards a positive start.

Happy Hunting!




Monica LewickiMonica specializes in the recruitment and placement of top sales professionals in Edmonton. Monica’s career has taken her across Canada in a variety of leadership and mentorship roles. Beginning with her roots as a cancer researcher she moved into environmental assessment work and conducting laboratory analyses. She then continued through to successful multi-million dollar sales roles, training and coaching roles, marketing roles and corporate operations management; all while providing world leading strategic leadership on large scale projects that encompass all these cross functional roles. Monica brings a drive and passion for success, which ranks her at the top of a strong network of top tier sales professionals. Her enthusiasm and dedication to meet her client’s needs has earned her much praise, promotion and accolade in the various roles she has held. If you’re looking to hire your next sales star in Edmonton, contact Monica at 780-486-8377 or email