Allison Ford, Vancouver marketing recruiter

Allison Ford, Vice President

Marketing and Human Resources, Vancouver

  • As one of the few senior recruitment consultants in Vancouver to specialize in marketing and human resources, Allison digs into the technical needs and personalities required for success
  • Deeply connected to loyal clients and candidates after 20 years in the business, Allison is a matchmaker tapped into both the hidden job and candidate market
  • Allison is well networked because of her strong relationships, positive reputation and service to the community

Direct Phone: 236.521.4731
Office Phone: 604.682.9999 ext. 230

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Allison is one of the few senior recruitment consultants in Vancouver to specialize in marketing and human resources.  A well-networked “matchmaker,”  Allison is passionate about bringing the right people together at the right time. Having hired for her own growing businesses, she knows the power of a great team, and digs into both the technical needs and personalities required for success. Deeply connected to loyal clients and candidates after 20 years in business, Allison is known for her strong relationships, positive reputation and service to the community.

Allison is a great listener who introduces candidates to opportunities in the hidden job market that are in line with their career goals and dreams. In the process, she shares the inside scoop on companies’ cultures and visions. Allison’s love of matchmaking is rooted in a degree in sociology and a lifelong fascination with the study of people and culture – but it’s her background in marketing that sets her apart.

In short, Allison delivers quality results—the best candidates in the market.

Allison calls the North Shore home and enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle that includes yoga, hiking, and cheering on her three kids at sports fields everywhere.

“Allison Ford and The Headhunters have successfully conducted two searches for my division. Both management positions had unique skill sets that were in short supply in the market. The Headhunters left no stone unturned in looking for the best possible candidates and provided objective and incisive advice throughout the search process. Allison and The Headhunters provided stellar service, valuable insight into prospects throughout the recruitment process, and high quality candidates which led to successful hires. I was impressed and would definitely work with them again.”

– Marsha, Vice President

“Allison was recommended to me by a mutual client and came highly recommended. I have to say that recommendation was well earned and well deserved. The attention to our needs was prompt, efficient, and a strong level of understanding was evident from the start. Timescales were met efficiently and communication was strong. Candidate choice was good and in fact we elected to hire two candidates instead of one. Allison supported both us and the candidates throughout the process and was flexible and great to deal with. Highly recommended.”

– Steve Hughes, Owner

“Working with The Headhunters has been an exceptional experience for me as a candidate. Understanding that a recruitment firm needs to serve its clients first and foremost, as they are who pay the fees, after all, it was even more satisfying and gratifying to see how well I was treated, respected and nurtured throughout the process as a candidate. The professionalism, clarity and symbiotic nature of The Headhunters approach to fitting clients with candidates was exemplary, and what impressed me the most in the process was the integrity with which it was done. Everyone I spoke with and worked with at the company was top notch, enthusiastic and helpful; in particular, Allison Ford, was a dream to work with.”

“Professional. Highly Communicative. Understanding of career goals and employer’s needs. The Headhunters have their hearts and heads in the game of helping professionals find fulfilling positions that suit their career objectives, and helping businesses find employees who suit their corporate culture. Allison was the recruiter that worked with me. She was absolutely fabulous.”

“Thank you for all of your help and assistance with finding the ‘right fit’ position for me. From the first meeeting to my first day of work I have thoroughly enjoyed the quick placements process with you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

– Marketing Manager

“One of the key highlights that really made this organization stand out is the assessment approach that the company takes. On a personal note, since I’m currently a candidate in search of the next great adventure that life has to offer, it’s been a real pleasure to be a part of a very human process as opposed to the superficial “screening” standard that so many recruiters out there take in today’s employment market.”

“Allison was great to work with, and was very honest and reliable in attaining any information I needed when I needed it.”

“So far I’m absolutely loving my new job. It’s still early days but I feel like you’ve helped place me in my dream role! Thanks again for all your assistance.”

“No other Vancouver Marketing Recruiter I know has the same depth of experience as Allison Ford!”

“I really enjoy working with Allison. When she presents candidates, they’re relevant and already vetted for fit. She’s got a great talent for this, and she’s a joy to work with.”

“Allison from The Headhunters is truly one of the most dedicated and professional recruiters that I’ve ever worked with. She took time out of her day to prep me for interviews in person and gave my candidacy a chance even when I didn’t check all the boxes. You are in great hands if you are a candidate working with Allison!”