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5 Major Recruitment Myths Busted: Job Seeker Edition

Recruitment is an intricate business, with lots of moving parts and people’s careers on the table. It’s the reason why we love it so much and care deeply about holding ourselves to the highest standards. But because it’s a bit of a mystery to many people how recruitment firms work (and there are different types [...]

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Top 5 Questions about Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies are organizations that can be extremely helpful for people that are looking for a job as well as employers that want to easily find top talent. The best recruiters act as matchmakers that connect people with jobs that they are best suited for, which saves time and energy for everyone in the process. [...]

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What You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Recruitment agencies can have different roles in different countries. In this post, we’ll be breaking down what you need to know about working with recruitment agencies in Canada – from what fees apply, to what service they provide.   Employment agencies exist for three main purposes: Assist employers with recruiting fitting employees. Match job seekers [...]

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Back to Basics: How do Employment Agencies Work?

A temporary employment agency has a very unique place in the community compared to other recruitment agencies. The role of temporary employment agencies is to solve staffing shortages affecting the profitability of other businesses.   How do employment agencies work for employers? Most people assume that temp agencies only provide workers to fill in for [...]

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