Resume Writing: Old School vs New School

When it comes to writing your resume, there's a lot of old and outdated advice out there. But not all the “old” ways are necessarily irrelevant and not all of the shiny new resume trends are worth following blindly. Let’s take a walk through the different stages of preparing your resume and compare what traditional [...]

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4 Resume Grammar & Writing Tips You Need to Know

First impressions are made in a matter of seconds. It’s important to remember that your first impression to recruiters and potential employers isn’t made when you shake hands in an interview; it’s made almost immediately after eyes are laid on your resume. Beyond the layout and structure of your resume, grammar is crucial. A 2018 [...]

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Salary Negotiations – Knowing Your Value & Getting to a Win-Win

The Headhunters VP & Recruitment Consultant, Allison Ford, presented a webinar on how to negotiate job offers. Once you’ve made it through the interview process and an employer is ready to hire you, your final step is to negotiate salary, benefits and other forms of compensation. Do you know where to start? WATCH WEBINAR [...]

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Make Your Resume Sizzle & Interview Like a Pro

The Headhunters Co-Founder & President, Danielle Bragge, presented a webinar on how to make your resume sizzle and how to interview like a pro Resumes and interviews are the basic foundation of a job search. The quality of your resume will make-or-break your chances of getting to the interview stage, and if it [...]

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7 Tactics To Help You Stand Out During Your Job Search

Today’s job market is fiercely competitive and it can be hard to get noticed in a sea of applications. That said, there are some strategies you can apply to help you break through the noise and land your dream role. We spoke to our team of Recruitment Consultants to gather their 7 best ideas for improving [...]

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Stories Of Creative & Quirky Job Applications

Sometimes the competition for a job can be so intense that candidates go the extra mile to get noticed during the application and interview process. In our industry we often come across great stories about the unusual ways people have applied for jobs, here's some of our favourites: (Just remember, if you get inspired and [...]

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Why Comic Sans Can Prevent You from Getting Hired: A List of Little Known Resume Mistakes

When someone is reviewing your resume, you only have a few short seconds to make a positive impression. In this time, you should effectively do everything within your power to captivate your reader, which doesn't include any of the following common but little known resume mistakes. Weird or Small Fonts Even though Comic Sans or Papyrus [...]

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How to Make a Good Resume

Your resume plays a vital role in your quest for a job. It is a form of self-advertisement that highlights your strengths, educational background and work experiences. In other words, it is a basis used by prospective employers in determining why they should at least invite you for an interview. Here are some tips that [...]

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Bad Resume Advice You Should Ignore

There’s so much resume advice out there for job seekers, just googling “resume advice” returns over 158 MILLION results. Yikes! Plus there are those pearls of wisdom from your mum, your dad, your professor, your neighbour, your old colleague… the list goes on.   Unfortunately most of the advice out there is either outdated or [...]

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Ask A Recruiter: Job Hunting as a New Grad

You can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job. Ever hear that saying? For new graduates looking for that first job, those words strike fear in the hearts of the unemployed. We’ve received a couple of emails lately from new grads asking for advice to help land that elusive first [...]

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The Truth About Lying on Resumes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just how much can you trust a resume or CV? This latest infograhpic based on data from The Society of Human Resource Managers shows the most common lies told by job applicants.   Some Highlights: 46% of resumes submitted by job applicants have some measure of false information. 70% of college students said they would [...]

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Top 10 Most-Read Job Seeker Blog Posts of 2012

It’s been a big year for The Headhunters Blog and we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular posts of 2012. We've been happily doling out advice and tips on everything from how to sanitize your social media presence to what’s the best sport for networking. But topping the list this year (and [...]

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9 Resume Pet Peeves

When you're reading through hundreds of resumes, certain missteps can mean the difference between making the shortlist or the rejection pile. Our Headhunters share some of their resume pet peeves that can land your application in the shredder.   1. Objective Statements Firstly, let’s clarify we’re talking about those statements which sound something like this: [...]

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