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Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Graeme Burke, Recruitment Consultant at The Headhunters, recently had an article featured in The Manitoba Post on Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources. As Graeme discusses, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become ubiquitous in households around the world, with the emergence of virtual assistants and smart home technology like Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. However, AI's impact on [...]

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Onboarding Tips for Effective New Hires

Recruitment Consultant Graeme Burke was recently interviewed for an article with the Manitoba Post about onboarding tips for increasing the effectiveness of news hires. As Graeme explains, having an effective onboarding strategy helps to smooth a hire's transition into their new work environment, setting them up to excel in their role. In the article, he [...]

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How to Terminate Employees: The Do’s and Don’ts

The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Dr. Howie Outerbridge of Logan HR about how to terminate employees. Howie shared some excellent insight and useful tips on this topic, focusing on the 'do’s and don’ts' of conducting termination meetings. He draws on over 15 years of experience in learning, career exploration and the development of [...]

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