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Avoiding Unconscious Bias When Hiring

Danielle Bragge, our Vice President and Co-Founder, was recently included in an article by TalentClick about unconscious bias—specifically, how it impacts the recruitment process and how to avoid it. Unconscious bias is our deep-seated prejudice about others. It can be positive or negative, influencing our everyday decisions, usually without us realizing it. As Danielle [...]

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Attracting Top Talent With A Powerful Employer Brand

Competition for attracting and retaining the best talent is fierce. So how do you standout from the crowd and secure highly skilled candidates? By building a powerful employer brand.   What is your employer brand?  It is your ethos, your culture, your values and the way you operate. Every company has an employer brand, whether [...]

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How to Recruit Employees Effectively

Although it may seem straightforward, there’s more to recruiting employees effectively and successfully than just sorting through resumes. It’s easy to hire someone to work for you, but it takes a bit more effort and strategy to find the best fit for your workplace. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best [...]

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Is Your Hiring Process Scaring Away Top Talent?

Happy Halloween readers! Today we’re dedicating this post to all the things that go bump in the night hiring process. Your hiring process is one of the first contact points potential employees have with your company and heavily affects your employer brand.   How you treat candidates during the hiring process is often a fair [...]

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7 Hiring Red Flags to Avoid

  Typos in the resume, late to the interview, these are some of the common red flags we spot in potential new hires. But have you sat on the other side of your own hiring process? Is it setting off any red flags and scaring away top talent? To a job seeker, a company’s hiring [...]

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How to Measure “Hit the Ground Running”

It's one of the most common phrases that come up in the hiring process. “I need someone who can hit the ground running.” But what does this really mean? Someone who has done similar work before? Someone who learns quickly?   If you’re looking for a new hire who can “hit the ground running”, oftentimes [...]

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