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Rejecting Candidates Without Hurting Your Employer Brand

As employers and recruiters, informing candidates who are not selected for a role isn’t always pleasant. Rejection can feel personal, but tactful and empathetic delivery can ensure everyone walks away feeling respected. Your hiring process may be the first interaction someone has with your company. The experience will reflect your brand, and candidates who are [...]

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Want To Be An ‘Employer Of Choice’? 11 Lessons From A Company From Down Under

Employer branding is one of the hottest topics right now. Many companies are striving to become an 'employer of choice' in the hopes of attracting the best-of-the-best talent and reducing their turnover rates. With such a competitive market for good candidates, and given the power of social media, company review websites such as Glassdoor, and industry word-of-mouth, it [...]

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Attracting Top Talent With A Powerful Employer Brand

Competition for attracting and retaining the best talent is fierce. So how do you standout from the crowd and secure highly skilled candidates? By building a powerful employer brand.   What is your employer brand?  It is your ethos, your culture, your values and the way you operate. Every company has an employer brand, whether [...]

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Why You Should Care About Employer Branding

Employer Branding: just another thing to put on that never-ending list of things to “look into later”. But like a product brand, your Employer Brand is being established, changed and talked about whether you like it or not. Because a brand is not a concrete object, it’s perception. An Employer Brand is the perception of [...]

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