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How To Gather Feedback From An Exiting Employee

Traditionally known as an exit interview, the process of gathering feedback from a departing employee has evolved to also include written surveys and unstructured conversations. Regardless of the format you choose, the knowledge you acquire from the process can be used to improve your business and ultimately increase employee retention. Furthermore, by tracking the data over time [...]

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6 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Recruitment Agency

Recruiting quality candidates is one of the most important responsibilities of a hiring manager. Choosing a qualified recruitment agency whose approach and values complement your own organization can be overwhelming. To help you through this process, we have devised 6 questions to ask when choosing an agency: 1. Who will spearhead the search? With many [...]

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Top 10 Most-Read Employer Blog Posts for 2013

Absenteeism, recruitment metrics, tattoos and piercings - you read about them all and more right here on our TempsAhead Employer Blog. But what topics really turned your heads? It's time for our annual roundup of our most-read blog posts for the year!   Here’s your top 10 list of most-read employer blog posts for 2013: [...]

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