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Using LinkedIn to Stay Connected to the Job Market

Whether you’re seeking your next great employment adventure or happily employed but keeping an eye on the market for future opportunities, we cannot stress enough how important your LinkedIn profile is! LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet, with over 500 million members globally1 and over 12 million in Canada.2 While it [...]

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7 Signs it’s Time for a New Job

  Struggling with the daily grind? Or maybe you're stuck in a rut and you don't even know it. Below are seven signs you might need to start looking for a new job, and it's not just about lack of motivation. 1. You struggle with your workload If you’re struggling to keep up with your work, [...]

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Ask A Recruiter: Creating a Personal Development Plan

A busy professional ask us about personal development and career advancement  - "I was wondering if you had any advice on how to practically fit personal development into your work week? Over the summer I discovered this beautiful stack of career development books that I have either barely read or never even opened! I know [...]

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What to Consider before Changing Careers

It seems as if today everyone is talking career change, but is it right for you? There are a number of things to consider before changing careers, questions to ask yourself, here are just a few of them -   What are my strengths? Your current job may no longer be challenging you, or you [...]

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The Glowing Introduction Technique for Networking

Guest post by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac A Glowing Introduction™ is a technique that all good networkers and connectors use.  Most people take the easy way out and say things like: “This is Jasmine, we work together.” or “This is my better half.” (Seriously, do people still say this?  Yes, they do, and it’s cringe-worthy.)  Instead of these lacklustre ways [...]

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Stop and Smell the Successes

  Our President, Cam Macmillan, recently shared a poignant message with the team to stop and take stock of our year: One really useful activity I have done over the past years is to take an in-depth review of the past twelve months.  Doing this in December really gets me to understand just how much [...]

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GROW your career this Spring!

Looking for a fresh start this Spring? A new job? Or simply a new challenge in your current role? You're not alone. Spring fever hits the workplace every Spring. People can get restless - some put their energies into gardening, shaping and tending the soil. And like every new seedling that needs care and attention [...]

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