Nicola Frasch

Nicola Frasch, Talent Sourcing Team Lead


  • With a background in recruitment, sales and customer service, Nicola is an exceptional communicator who effectively sources candidates for niche roles
  • Nicola’s warm and outgoing disposition fosters a positive experience for clients and candidates
  • Adaptable and organized, Nicola’s attention to detail results in efficient talent searches

Direct Phone: 236.521.4741
Office Phone: 604.682.9999 ext. 238

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Drawing on over 5 years of experience in recruitment and a background in customer service, technical support and sales, Nicola sources specialized talent for hard-to-fill roles, and leads our Talent Sourcing Team. Her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology has provided her with well-honed analytical and qualitative research skills that are essential to successful talent sourcing. Her strong organization skills and attention to detail ensure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed throughout the recruitment process.

Warm and outgoing, Nicola easily builds strong and lasting relationships with candidates, who feel comfortable and at ease when meeting with her. She is an exceptional listener, able to draw out the key needs of a role and effectively match those to the career goals of her candidates.

Nicola volunteers with Power to Be, a non-profit dedicated to helping provide inclusive access to nature and the outdoors for people living with a disability or barrier. She has dual Canadian/British citizenship and lived and worked in the United Kingdom for a year.