Winnipeg Operations recruiter

Monique Lashley, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Engineering, Operations and Supply Chain,  Winnipeg

  • Monique genuinely engages with clients, becoming an authentic member of their task force to help them assemble their dream team
  • Always up for the challenge, Monique believes in being completely transparent with both clients and candidates so that everybody wins
  • Monique is passionate about learning every aspect of each client’s organisation, ensuring that matchups are a great fit and strengthen their business

Phone: 204.515.0802

Acting as an ambassador for her clients’ companies and brands, Monique hand selects the finest candidates and pairs them with the positions clients seek to fill. Before coming to recruiting, Monique helped to build a multi-million-dollar health and wellness company from the ground up, so she knows first-hand that her clients do not have the time to sift through an abundance of resumes. She happily does that work for them.

Candidates as well as clients benefit from Monique’s enthusiastic tours of her clients’ companies, where she explores clients’ cultures, goals, and objectives. Equipping her candidates with the resulting information, Monique ushers candidates into positions where they propel their careers to the next level.

A perceptive listener, Monique hears what clients and candidates need her to know. As a result, Monique’s clients and candidates alike refer others to her and come back to her whenever they need her services.

Bilingual in French and English, Monique is the proud mother of a national team member in rhythmic gymnastics.

“My experience working with Monique was excellent. I responded to a well-written ad she had posted for a client of hers. She wasted little time as she felt I was a good fit for a potential employer. It’s great to know that she really believes in the importance of matching the right professional to her clients, and that she would not pursue anything less. Her passion and dedication for what she does really stood out through the entire process, which made this an exciting experience. I feel this is what makes her great at what she does and sets her apart from other people in her profession. I would love to work with Monique again and highly recommend her to any employer or potential employee.” – Dan Moldowan

“Monique’s professionalism, positive outlook, and genuine enthusiasm are impossible to overlook. The experience that I had working with the Headhunters team (specifically Monique) is one that left me feeling cared for and looked after. Monique made me feel like my career mattered to her — that my success was her success. That’s a rare quality that is almost lost in today’s hustle-and-bustle world. I hope to not need her services too often in my career. But if I do, I would have zero hesitation contacting or recommending Monique the exact second I, or somebody that I know, needed her particular skill-set in searching for meaningful and quality employment. There are plenty of ‘Headhunters’ out there, but very few are quite like Monique.” – Johnny, Lean Facilitator

“I gave Monique the difficult task of finding new career opportunities for me outside of my historical industry…Monique took on this challenge and exceeded all of my expectations. Monique approached me with a diverse set of options and was always upbeat and positive throughout the process. Even when I passed on great opportunities, she was supportive and always worked towards goals that were in my best interest. Ultimately, Monique was able to find me a career opportunity that met all of my criteria. I have now transitioned into a new role, industry and career. Monique’s cheerful and relentless pursuit for opportunities on my behalf will always be appreciated and respected. I would not hesitate to recommend Monique to anyone looking for a Winnipeg Operations recruiter.” – Dan Parks

“Monique was head and shoulders above any single person I have dealt with in the recruitment industry. She was my professional advocate from the word Go!. And the only valuable member in recruitment I ever came across, bar none!”

“Monique with The Headhunters is wonderful to work with. She is dedicated, personable, knowledgeable, professional and finds ideal clients that fit with any specific needs you may have. Monique and I have worked together a few times and have had great success.”

“Monique Lashley is a superstar. Her focused energy, relatability and dedication put her among the special ones.”