A great Recruitment Consultant can be a huge advantage in your job search, connecting you to some of the greatest opportunities around. Be selective in your choice of recruitment agency and even the recruitment consultant within that firm. Here are some tips to help you find a recruiter who will suit your needs:

1. How long has the consultant been recruiting?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a recruitment agency, including the experience of the recruiters who work there. Ask how long your consultant has been recruiting? Similarly, what experience do they have in your professional area? Do you really want to entrust your search to someone who does not have a track record in recruitment or your industry?

2. Research them online.

Anyone who is visible within a certain network should leave some sort of digital footprint. What does their LinkedIn say about them? Have they written any articles or posted about topics that you can relate to?

3. Who will remain accountable during your search?

Some recruitment agencies separate the recruiter from the sales person. This is not a benefit to the candidate when the recruiter has not interviewed the employer, does not understand their culture, and has little sense of what the vacant role will truly be responsible for achieving. How can the recruiter really know you are going to a good home?

How to choose a recruitment agency

4. Ask for contactable references from other job seekers.

Find out if the recruiter “walks the talk.” Learn if the recruitment agency and the recruiter fairly represents both their clients and their candidates, which they should.

What makes a great recruitment agency?

 5. Do they spend time learning about you?

During your interview with the recruiter, do they identify your tasks and key skill sets that you wish to target in your new role? A good recruiter will ensure that your next career move is conducive to your growth, development and personality. A good interview will be face-to-face for about one hour (not fifteen minutes), and will include suggestions to improve your resume and interview skills.

6. Do they help you through the hiring process?

Does the recruiter prepare you for upcoming company interviews, give you insight into the culture, promotional opportunities, team dynamic and management style of the company and provide you with candid client feedback after the interview?

7. When you receive an offer a recruiter should advise and negotiate on your behalf.

Every candidate has the potential to become a client. This is about building relationships for the future not “collecting a fee.”  A recruiter should not take it personally or choose not to work with you if you decide the opportunity is not right for you. All a good recruiter asks is that you are honest and communicative throughout the entire process when partnering with them.

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