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To help with your job search, we hosted 7 webinars with industry experts, and the recordings are all available here for you to watch for free!

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Webinar Recordings

Salary Negotiations – Knowing Your Value & Getting to a Win-Win

The Headhunters VP & Recruitment Consultant, Allison Ford, presented a webinar on Salary Negotiations: Knowing Your Value & Getting to a Win-Win. You’ve made it through the interview process and an employer is ready to hire you! Your final step is to negotiate salary, benefits and other forms of compensation. Do you know where to start? In this webinar, Allison Ford will share expert tips on how to navigate negotiations, including: Watch the webinar recording to hear Allison's expert advice, [...]

Make Your Resume Sizzle & Interview Like a Pro

The Headhunters Co-Founder & President, Danielle Bragge, presented a webinar on How to Make Your Resume Sizzle and How to Interview Like a Pro Resumes and interviews are the basic foundation of a job search. The quality of your resume will make-or-break your chances of getting to the interview stage, and if it doesn’t sizzle, it will be lost in the stacks of resumes on every hiring manager’s desk. Once you’ve created a top-notch resume and land an interview, [...]

How to Ace Behavioural Interviews

The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Angela Champ on How to Ace Behavioural Interviews If you’ve ever been in a job interview where you were asked questions that started with, “Tell me about a time when…” then you’ve experienced a behavioural interview. If you’re not used to this style of interview, it can be a bit intimidating at first! In this webinar, Angela discussed why employers use behavioural interviews, shared real-life examples, and provided several useful tips. [...]

Leveraging Your Work Style for Job & Culture Fit

The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Natalie Souresrafil on Leveraging Your Work Style for Job & Culture Fit Whether you’re hunting for your next great role or want to be successful and effective in your current job, it’s important to understand your unique working style. What are your ‘default settings’ in a work situation? What energizes or drains you? What does ‘fit’ look like for you, and how do you know if a job or employer will [...]

Networking for Job Hunting

The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Ada Tai on Networking for Job Hunting Job hunting in this economy can be tough—many professionals are looking for work, so it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Are you still relying on applying for jobs through job sites and not having the success you expect? Networking might seem intimidating, but is an effective way to job hunt! How many people are truly comfortable with their networking skills? [...]

How to Optimize LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Dr. Howie Outerbridge on How to Optimize LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand Have you been using LinkedIn to its full advantage to leverage your network and build your personal brand? Is your LinkedIn profile helping or hindering your job search? In this webinar, Dr. Howie Outerbridge provided practical hands-on advice to take your profile to the next level! Dr. Howie Outerbridge is Vice President Client Solutions of Logan HR. His background [...]

5 Ways To Build Leadership Presence – Candidate Webinar

The Headhunters hosted a webinar for our candidates with guest speaker Lisa Martin on 5 Ways To Build Presence: How to Unleash Leadership Confidence, Influence and Performance If you’re a leader in any organization, of any industry or size, you need to show up every day confident and decisive—able to build strong relationships, communicate effectively and be graceful under pressure. You need to be able to command the room, leave a lasting impression and inspire a sense of trust [...]