We find the talent that no one else can.

Our in-house Talent Sourcing Team is unique. We are proud to have the TST exceed your expectations, ensuring that we stand out from other recruitment firms. When you partner with The Headhunters, not only do you have our recruitment consultants working for you, you also have a team in the background dedicated to uncovering untapped talent using cutting-edge sourcing techniques.

The TST Delivers:

MORE CHOICE We find more of the qualified candidates you need. Our TST is trained and certified to find candidates you may not know how to find on your own. More talent to choose from ensures that our clients are confident their final choice is the best.

SKILLED CANDIDATES We love a challenge! If the skillset or industry experience you seek is in short supply, we know how to connect with hard-to-find candidates and bring them right to you.

BETTER QUALITY We don’t settle for only the candidates who apply to job postings, and neither should you. Our TST proactively searches for passive candidates who are currently working and taps those who are the best at what they do.

FAST RESULTS Our specialized TST reduces the time it takes to find the people you need. We focus our dedicated team to search far, wide and faster than our competition.

NEW TALENT Our techniques help us uncover candidates new to your market, often before they arrive or relocate. We give you the first crack at new talent for your hire.

REMOTE & RURAL JOB SEEKERS We excel at sourcing candidates for positions in remote, rural or unusual locations. We actively approach candidates to find those who will embrace the lifestyle a relocation can offer.

Let’s discuss how our Talent Sourcing Team can support your search!