Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

  1. Canadian employment was little changed in June according to the latest government figures.
  2. Some good news for foreign workers in Ontario – the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s (OHRC)  announced the requirement for “Canadian experience” in the hiring process is discriminatory in most situations.
  3. A new report on the Alberta labour market estimated that the candidate shortage is costing the economy$33 billion over four years. It also included a controversial recommendation to phase out the government-supported immigration of unskilled temporary workers.
  4. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer came under public scrutiny again as she crossed the one year mark as CEO.
  5.  And what’s a Friday wrap-up without some wacky news from the States! The Iowa Supreme Court says you can legally get fired for being too attractive.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy that sunshine!


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