Top Stories of the Week

Here is what happened in the world of hiring and business this week:

  1. Sweden has revealed it is pushing forward with plans to implement a standard 6-hour work day. Some companies across the country have already started the practice & say it works.
  2. The  Friday beer fridge is about much more than beers, it is about the message you are sending to your employees and the culture you are creating.
  3. Newfoundland, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta all boosted their minimum wage rates as of October 1. BC now has the second lowest minimum wage in Canada.
  4. What are Canadians doing in Arizona? More than just soaking up sunshine and warmth! 350 Canadian companies have opened enterprises in Arizona.
  5. Considering taking a break from work? Here are 20 warning signs indicating you need one.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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