It was a fun year for us here on the TempsAhead Job Seeker Blog. We talked about everything from job hunting, to networking, and even some healthy snack tips for the office!

But what grabbed your attention the most?


Here’s your top 10 list of most-read job seeker blog posts: 

  1. Bad Resume Advice You Should Ignore
  2. Resume Writing: Old School vs New School
  3. Job Hunting Tips for Introverts
  4. 5 Movies Lessons About Teamwork
  5. The Art of Exiting Conversations Gracefully
  6. Dear
  7. How To Succeed In Any Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]
  8. What Career Should I Choose? [Interactive Graph]
  9. Brain Boosting Work Snacks
  10. Branding Yourself Online: The Basics


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Thank you for tuning in and we look forward to chatting with you again in the new year!!