Your clothing isn’t just a reflection of your personality, but also a reflection of your values and goals.

Someone who has taken the time and effort to dress professionally instantly shows a higher level of commitment and focus, simply by caring about their appearance and desire to make a good impression.

But during the Summer work attire rules relax a little and ‘professional’ doesn’t have to mean grey, white and black!


This season’s BIG TREND is Colour Blocking! Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match your colours for a bold look to brighten your day.


But if that’s too much for you, just choose singular pieces to amp up your outfit, or wear your favourite piece of accent jewellery.


For the fellas, wearing colour is EXTRA IMPORTANT as men’s suits can get lost in a tide of black and grey. It’s true, your shirt and tie are your only options to incorporate colour (DO NOT wear a coloured suit) but there are endless options. Try adding a touch of colour – and have fun with it!

DOs & DON’Ts

Do stick to the basics when interviewing. Save the bold colours for when you already have the job! When interviewing, always wear dark base colours with a white or light coloured shirt.

Don’t be memorable for the wrong reasons. Sheer blouses with no base layer are never acceptable.

Do be mindful of your workplace standards. If your company is more conservative and applies a stricter dress code, bright workwear may not be appropriate.

Don’t give in to EVERY the trend. As trendy as coloured chinos & sneakers currently are, they are not acceptable for most workplaces.


By Vanessa Green


Vanessa Green is a Style Blogger for ‘Pull it Together!’

“If there’s one thing I love equally to fashion, it’s sleep! My alarm doesn’t go off until absolutely necessary, so I’ve learned how to pull effortlessly chic outfits together without losing a wink!”

Check out her blog, for inspiration on pulling together the perfect work outfit in minutes.

Image source: Maegan Tintari