Graeme Burke, Recruitment Consultant at The Headhunters, recently had an article featured in The Manitoba Post on Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources.

As Graeme discusses, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become ubiquitous in households around the world, with the emergence of virtual assistants and smart home technology like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. However, AI’s impact on the business sector is still emerging, with the potential for significant impacts and new efficiencies. In particular, AI is already changing many aspects of HR, including recruitment, selection and onboarding.


Graeme Burke

About Graeme Burke

Graeme is a highly motivated and results-oriented recruiter with a passion for helping companies hire strategically. Skilled at recruitment and selection, he brings a strong understanding of business from his success in human resources and sales. Graeme is known for his resourcefulness and commitment to customer service, and tackles each hiring challenge with creativity and innovation.

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