One-way interview

Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular medium for conducting interviews. They can be ran either in real time, a.k.a a live interview, or be recorded with pre-set questions asked, a.k.a a one-way interview. As virtual interviews are relatively new, they still remain a foreign concept to many job seekers. However, their usage is likely to continue to rise so we wanted to share with you advice to help you succeed during a one-way interview.


Senior Recruitment Consultant, Sam Lawson was recently coaching a candidate on how to leverage the one-way interview to their advantage. Sam’s key pieces of advice:

  • Get dressed as if you are attending an interview in real life, top to bottom! You don’t want to absentmindedly stand up and surprise your audience with some garish PJs or yoga pants.
  • Put your phone away. Any distraction may draw your eyes and your attention away from the interview screen, and this will all be captured.
  • Only have a pen and paper in front of you to take notes or write down questions as they arise.
  • Remember, the camera is always on and will catch every eye and physical movement. Hide the tool bar and clock on your computer; your potential employer may interpret any darting of eyes as disinterest or an inability to focus.
  • Try to imagine that someone is sitting in front of you. Be warm and personal, use hand gestures and facial expressions to bring life to your interview.
  • Practice answering questions before the interview. Be careful not to over practice, you don’t want to appear stiff or rehearsed. Definitely do not have answers printed on paper in front of you – just as you wouldn’t in a real life interview.
  • Test your recording equipment prior to the interview and ensure you are able to be heard clearly.
  • Smile! When introducing yourself or talking about positive experiences.
  • Avoid background distractions. Choose a quiet environment and request not to be interrupted.


With the job market constantly evolving, we are going to see more technology based hiring tools used in the recruitment process. As a job seeker, you need to familiarize yourself with new platforms so you can utilize them to your advantage and stand out from your competition.