We’re all susceptible to the occasional afternoon lull. That 3pm slump where it’s hard to concentrate, you find your mind wandering. Well here’s 7 quick tips from the team about how to give yourself a boost at work.


1. Chew Gum

Remember when you used to get in trouble for chewing gum in class? Well studies have shown chewing gum can actually enhance memory performance, reduce stress and help you stay awake. The chewing stimulates the muscles in your face and increase blood flow in your head. Plus the fresh minty breath is a nice perk too!

2. Snack

We’re not talking your sugar loaded peanut butter cup snack. Fuel your body with small healthy snacks during the day to avoid energy lulls. Protein power foods such as almonds and sunflower seeds are perfect to store in your top drawer.


3. Sniff Some Peppermint

Smelling peppermint oil has been proven to increase alertness. Keep a little bottle handy for when you want a nice natural wake up in two seconds.


4. Go For A Walk

An oldie but a goodie. Step away from your desk and breathe in some fresh air. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, loosen up and take 10 minutes to clear your mind and refocus.


5. Have A Laugh

You know how many YouTube videos there are of kittens doing funny things? Neither do we! But the point is, when you’re feeling a little low, nothing lights the fire again like a good belly laugh. And in honor of our newest recruiter papa, Sam Lawson, this little YouTube gem:



6. Chill Out

Splash cold water on your face, chew some ice or simply crank the A/C. Find ways to give your body a chill shock to wake itself up. Drinking a nice ice cold glass of water will kill two birds with one stone – wake you up and hydrate!


7. Bust A Move

Find that booty shakin’ tune you love and let the good times roll. Well in a respectful, office-appropriate way at least. Put your headphones on and listen to a guaranteed kickstarter anthem to re-energize you. If you’re not sure what to play, we love 8tracks.com. It has a whole range of playlists made by users for all sorts of situation – even anti-boredom tracks!