Our Team

Meet our team of specialized Recruitment Consultants and supporting staff.

Joelle Bragge

Talent Sourcing Coordinator

: Edmonton, Alberta

As part of our Talent Sourcing Team, Joelle is skilled at gathering information and distilling it down to the key points needed for a successful search. Committed, patient and detail-oriented, she successfully finds the ‘needle in the haystack’ for even the toughest-to-fill roles. Having worked and volunteered within Canada and internationally, she has experience interacting with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures and personalities.

In her previous role as a Special Education Coordinator, Joelle conducted extensive research and built customized programs for each of her students. She now applies those research skills to uncovering talent who meet the unique needs of our clients, and tailoring her communications and approach to the career goals of each candidate.

Joelle is a passionate storyteller and film enthusiast, and she applies her videography skills in a volunteer position for the non-profit organization Saving the Hungry. A self-acclaimed historian, she can often be found reading, watching documentaries, and deep diving into a specific time period or historical figure.