Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

  1. Seems like we’ve got a lot to smile about! Canadians are the happiest employees in the world according to a new global report.
  2. Canadians have no qualms with packing up and moving inland. The latest figures from BMO show that the number of Canadians migrating is the highest in 25 years.
  3. If you don’t see the point in LinkedIn or Twitter, think again! 39% of Canadians had been contacted through a network and 14% had been hired after the initial contact.
  4. Ever wish you could shed some kilos while at work? These 22 Manitoban workers have upgraded to treadmill desks.
  5. Don’t get caught out by social media gaffes! New web app, Persona, acts as your online reputation manager. The service monitors your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts and sends you an email or SMS alert when it identifies potentially offensive material.

We wish you all a warm weekend in this cooling climate!

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