Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

  1. In the continuing Skills Training Program saga, the provinces are threatening to boycott the training program unless the federal government overhauls it.
  2. Gen Y are even harder to retain than we thought, 60% of Millennials leave their dream job (or what they thought was their dream job).
  3. Don’t know how to use social media for hiring? You’re not alone! A new survey shows 89% of employers are missing the mark with social hiring.
  4. In case you missed the fun on YouTube: this writer quit her job with this dancing video, then her ex-employer responded with this video
  5. Lastly, all our offices are participating in this weekend’s Run for the Cure to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! Good luck to all our teams in EdmontonWinnipeg and Vancouver.

Have a great weekend everyone and best of luck to everyone participating in Run for the Cure!


And in case you missed them, here were our latest posts blog posts this week:

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