Happy Friday! Lance Armstrong and #Teoing aside, here are our top stories of the week in the world of hiring and job search.

  1. Wall Street was swept up in the purported ‘best cover letter ever’ by finance student Matthew RossBusiness Insider
  2. Do you know the difference between the best talent in-the-market and the best talent on-the-market? How headhunting can find you the best on-the-marketRecruiting Blogs
  3. Thinking about quitting your job? Think again. 7 things to seriously consider before you quitUS News
  4. Check out the 2013 Global Job Forecast. Canada isn’t included but it’s still worth a look – The Work Buzz
  5. Why hiring a jock is always the smart way to goFistful of Talent

And in case you missed it this week on Ask A Recruiter we answered “How do I rescue my resume?”

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